Sunday, June 19, 2011

Feedback Addiction

Some time ago I found out about a website called Wattpad. First of all, I would like to recommend it to everyone who's seriously interested in self-publishing. Just in a few minutes you'd be able to see your work online, posted for many people to read, and quickly hear feedback from readers and other writers throughout the globe.

I must point out, however, that it is very addictive. If you are anxious to tell your stories, even the unfinished ones, to the world and get to know whether people like it or not, it is very likely that you'll develop a feedback addiction like I did.

On Wattpad I have 2 finished projects that might not be samples of my best writing, but they were stories I cared about. I got some feedback from Brazilian friends, and they're still online for you to read if you understand Portuguese. If you've been following me on Wattpad and also on this blog, though, you might have noticed that I had a few other unfinished stories I posted in English. Let me tell you, then, that I seriously had to delete them tonight.

My reasons for deleting them are very simple: I don't want to be a slave of feedback. I've been writing in Portuguese for my whole life. Just recently I started writing my stories in English, and I am actually surprised that my writing is flowing, that it might be getting somewhere. I was so anxious to see people's reactions to my work that I forgot the main reason behind writing them.

I forgot that writing is the activity that allows my soul to freely talk. Writing is what transports me to a world where I'm able to express myself without fear of judgement. Out of a sudden, then, I caught myself wandering away from what writing really meant in my life. I do respect my readers' opinions, who are always surprisingly kind and careful not to hurt my feelings, but I write first and foremost for myself, and this is how my writing should always be.

I am currently working on the prequel to a novel I wrote last winter. It is in English and I am seriously doing my best to hone my writing and the plot the best way I can. The main character is very dear to me, and she's definitely one of those characters who you'd like to find doing well by the end of the story. Wish me luck, for she's quite challenging.

Thanks. I wish you a happy writing. And be careful not to catch that feedback virus!

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