Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I'm a Storyteller

Hello. I am Rebecca Carvalho. If you've been following my other blogs, it might be a little weird to hear me introducing myself. But, if you're a new reader, it would be weird to simply start following my words without even knowing my name. Once again, hello, I am Rebecca Carvalho. I just graduated from Lawrence University, and although people say I am silly for thinking my life is just starting, I must say it to you: my life (or, at least, this vague idea of real life) started on June 5th, 2011, when I stepped out of the Lawrentian bubble. Perhaps that's all you need to know about my past. My present and my future, however, I'll share with you.

I am an author. In other words, I make up stories. This week I've been struggling with my new identity. I just left my dear alma mater and, because I no longer can identify myself as a student (although I will always devote myself to learning), I should be able to tell people what I am when asked. Is it fine, then, to say that I am a writer, even though I've only once financially benefited from writing? Is it true to say that I live by my pen? If writing has to do with sitting down with pen and paper, pouring down my thoughts without fear of speaking up, making up worlds and building up thoughts in my mind, then I've been a writer since I was born! If, however, writing has to do with making money out of it... then perhaps I am far from being an author. For literary purposes, for the sake of writing this blog and the sake of my ego, please, let me just say that I am, humbly, a storyteller.

Starting today I will tell you many stories. Some of them will be true. Others will be lies. But most of them will be a bold mixture of reality and imagination. There will be pieces on journalistic accounts and a few pages of the purest stream of consciousness and the biggest trivialities one could talk about. I will whisper to you secrets and the most confidential observations. I will make many gestures when telling you about my creative writing. Most importantly, I will let you enter -- but only you -- the world I've created within my head and meet dear characters I've befriended throughout my life.

This is my writing room, but you are cordially invited to join me while I feed this bitter-sweet creature called creativity. Please, do help me. There is not a lot one could do alone in this world. Good luck to you, and good luck to me.    


Janailton Mick said...

Great job! I love reading your blogs!

Rebecca Carvalho said...

Thanks, Janailton! Best of luck with your writing!