Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Always Sunny in... California!

California is a very sunny place. Palo Alto, precisely, is a very sunny land. This is the view from our window. Look at the sky. It's entirely blue. No clouds at all, and nothing else; well, sometimes a few airplanes, because we're surrounded by airports. Sometimes a few noisy birds, too. And an occasional kite to give the final touch to it. But other than that, the Sun reigns supreme in the sky of Palo Alto.

My desk is next to the window and I can see the world outside while I am writing. It's nice to observe these sunny days, but sometimes I miss the wintry gloominess of Appleton, when the whole town seemed to be inside one of those snow globes. Perhaps, though, the heat and these bright days in California will inspire different ways of approaching my stories.

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