Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Best Work Place

Do you feel that sometimes you can only write when you are feeling inspired? No matter what you do to push yourself to work on your stories, the plot only flows when the Muses are nearby. But why can't we just write whenever we want to?

If you could place yourself in a bubble of inspiration and stay away from everything that drains your motivation to write, what would this perfect environment look like to you?

Are you the type of writer who needs music in order to write, or are you a hardcore absolute-silence advocate? Do you work better at home or do you go somewhere else, like a coffee shop, to work? Write letting us know what type of work place better works for you.


Janailton Mick said...
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Rebecca Carvalho said...

That sounds great. I'm glad you're able to write even when it's noisy nearby. I'm curious, though... how crowded can your house get? =O

Bruna D. Lobato said...

I can write at any time, at any place. I'm usually inspired. I may write listening to music, or in complete silence. I like working at home, but sometimes I go to a coffee shop only to change a little. Besides home, my favorite work place is a public library nearby. There I sit on comfortable armchairs, let my thoughts flow, and watch people. How about you, Rebecca?

Rebecca Carvalho said...

Oh, wow, so I'm assuming that you don't get distracted easily, Bruna. Well, in my case writing is a very solitary activity. I need to be locked in my room without people around, and I find listening to classical music or even to movie soundtracks such as the main theme of Platoon, Mary & Max, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Anne Frank, etc, very helpful.