Sunday, August 28, 2011

California - Wisconsin Road Trip -- (At Philz Coffee in San Jose)

Afternoon... Hot and sunny, as usual.

We're in San Jose, not too far from Palo Alto. This morning Michael woke me up saying that we were late to check out. Luckily we had already packed everything yesterday, so I just had to run to take a quick shower. The annoying part, however, was that even though we had shipped our bags ahead of us, our backpacks were heavier than we thought they would be. For instance, in my backpack I have two notebooks, some clothes I'll need during the road trip, and other belongings, but everything together makes it feel like I'm carrying bricks. Michael's bag isn't as bad, but it's still pretty heavy, and our food bag is just as heavy. He was trying to carry everything, but my bag (or.. his bag, as he keeps reminding me that I actually borrowed it from him a few months ago) was falling apart as he pulled it, and that made me a little grumpy.

Right now we're just sitting in front of Philz Coffee, sipping iced tea. This area is quite nice, actually, although it's really hot today. There are many benches and at least five lampposts nearby, encompassing what seems to be a little hippie-looking student gathering area. We might stay here until 9:00 PM, when they close.

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