Sunday, August 28, 2011

California - Wisconsin Road Trip -- (Trying to Sleep at Philz Coffee)

6:10. Starting to get cold. Still sunny, though.

Our moods improved 100% after finding a restroom and snacking. Michael is so relaxed here at this coffee shop that he is actually trying to take a nap as we wait for the best time to go to the bus depot. He's wearing his Packers hat over his eyes, though failing at keeping it there.

"I wish I had my handkerchief here," he just said as his cap starting falling for the tenth time.

Don't think that we're the only people camping here, though. It seems that this place is adored by many other apparently loyal customers. I recognize a few others sitting nearby who arrived at the same time we did. They've been drinking coffee and talking for hours now, looking as relaxed as Michael. I guess it's something about the environment, the shade provided by Tangerine Hair Studio and Togo's, and the cool breeze. It's also very relaxing to observe people walking back and forth. For some reason many girls here like to wear boots even though it's so hot!

I don't know when we'll leave. Perhaps at 9:00 PM, when Philz Coffee is going to close. Hopefully the station will be just as nice. I think our bus leaves at 1:00 AM, and then we stop at Los Angeles at 5:00 AM, and after that we're heading to Las Vegas.

"Lost three handkerchiefs... So annoying. No, lost four handkerchiefs!" Michael just complained and sighed.

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