Saturday, August 20, 2011

See You Soon, Midwest!

It is almost time to go back..!

I still look at Walmart's college essentials options and can't help feeling nostalgic. I even decided I should get a small desk, cheap enough that I could buy and not feel guilty about it. While most of my friends are getting ready to go back to school this fall, I am done with it. I wouldn't say I am entirely done with school, since I intend to go to grad school soon (possibly next year?), but in general I am getting a weird feeling, particularly when I see former co-workers moving back early for RLA training.

There are so many classes, still, that I would like to take. For instance, I never took Professor McGlynn's creative writing courses. They were always full before I could enroll. I don't know how's the English department at your school, but at Lawrence we often had to fight to get into those writing classes. For centuries students have talked about them, praised them, almost worshiped creative writing at LU. So, if you are still going to college, I suggest taking creative writing.

We'll be moving back to Madison in a few days. There's a lot of speculation on our part regarding the most adventurous way to do so (within reason, of course), but because of my injured knee we'll probably end up being conventional. Yes, I'm getting old, and walking is difficult. Once we're back, it will be work, work, and work. I suppose I should also try watching regularly those Yale online courses in order to feel more included within the college environment that makes Madison what it is. Perhaps a course on Milton?

Good luck to you all!

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