Friday, August 26, 2011

Traveling in a Few Days

I have trouble eating when I'm too nervous, even when I feel just slightly anxious. Right now, for instance, I have a half-eaten Korean sandwich by me on the table, and noodles waiting degustation; although I'm hungry, I can't eat. I don't know exactly what's the matter with my stomach, but since I was a kid I was never able to eat before exams, presentations, and other challenging circumstances. Despite my appetite being intact, I get awful burning and aching sensations in my stomach, and it feels as if my throat closes not letting any food, even water, pass. If I force myself to eat, eventually, I end up feeling a little queasy.

We'll be going back to Madison in a few days, and that means I'm not eating properly this week. What's interesting about heading back to Wisconsin this time, though, is that we decided this trip would be the adventure we didn't have a chance to live this summer. In summary, we'll stop at more than 20 cities on the way home. Yesterday I packed our bags, which are going to be picked up this afternoon by a company that ships luggage, so we could just bring our backpacks on the way back. We're leaving Palo Alto and going to San Jose on Sunday, and then our bus leaves on Monday, around 1:00 AM, to Las Vegas. We'll sleep in Vegas, and then take another bus on Tuesday afternoon. If you're wondering how long it will take to go from California to Wisconsin, that's precisely two days on a bus. And my stomach is starting to burn again...

I'm excited and I promise many descriptions, photos, perhaps a video, and more. For now I should try to relax my mind and just wish that everything will work out accordingly. Despite my nervousness, I'm actually looking forward to the stories and the things I'll learn during this trip, which I promise will not include gambling, as Michael and I dislike the idea of spending money like that. Michael, also, seriously needs a break before school starts. And, in general, although this adventure will certainly make me lose weight, I am glad Michael and I will go through all this together, and that's what matters.

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