Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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I hope you liked my article on Janailton. Well, he appreciated it, so I guess that's enough. Although it is my favorite thing in journalism, I think it's always a tense moment to write about people. As I publish my article I'm crossing my fingers that I understood and interpreted everything correctly. There's nothing more annoying than to read about you on the news and find out that the writer wasn't actually paying attention to your words.

The series will continue, of course, and I am very excited about it. Last weekend the Badgers were playing, so Michael and I went to a bar a block away from where we live to watch the game. The Badgers won, as usual! But the most interesting part about going out with my boyfriend to watch the Badgers play was that we ended up discussing some of our goals and there I found myself feeling more and more excited about this The Voice of Youth series.

I think, in general, that's what I've always wanted to do in journalism, besides becoming a war correspondent journalist. Actually, as a war correspondent my main goal is to be able to interview people who live under such extreme conditions. I don't know precisely why hearing different people's stories appeals to me, but I clearly am a happier journalist when I am working on something like that. I'll devote part of this blog, then, to these interviews, and I really hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I love writing them. Feel free -- and I am almost begging now -- to leave comments. I would love to have some feedback from you, so I could improve my series and make it more interesting.

Alright, I think that's enough of blogging for today. It's getting cold again in Madison, and I should focus on my work before it gets too cold to leave the window open. I have trouble concentrating when it is too stuffy in this room.

So, don't forget to send your comments and to subscribe to this blog! And, if your finances are doing better, a donation would be absolutely welcome, even if it's just enough to buy me a cup of coffee. :)

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