Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Blog Entry On Writing. And Neil Gaiman.

It's Sunday. Not a lazy one. Though not as busy as it should be. Michael is working at home, too. But, when he takes breaks from programming, he takes photos of me. Here's one. I'm happily (. . .I'm sorry if you can't really tell) working on the last chapters of my latest novel.

I'm glad this project is almost over, but I know I'll miss it. I'll miss my characters, the cities I've created, and the dreams I had at night because of my writing before going to bed. The idea is a year and five months old. There was a lot of writing, planning, thinking, worrying and celebrating.

I'll try to publish it. You know that already. Wish me luck.

Perhaps, later tonight I'll watch The Simpsons. I want to see a yellow, Simpson version of Neil Gaiman. The episode is called “The Book Job.” That might be interesting. I recommend it. He mentioned that the next step is to become a talking head in Futurama.

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