Monday, November 07, 2011

Lazy Sunday


First of all, I should say thank you again to everyone who took Michael's study survey today. It means a lot to both of us. At moments like that I actually miss the craziness of school, even though most of the times I felt really stressed out, and how I liked doing my homework assignments and struggling with strict deadlines. (And I have no idea where that second remark came from...). That said, I'm pretty sure I'll be going to grad school as soon as possible.

I guess I'm just in a strange mood tonight – not in a bad way, though. Yesterday, I had the laziest Sunday ever: I got up at 10ish a.m., prepared brunch, read my emails (looking for my awaited “You Won a Pullitzer, Girl!” sort of email; but, no, it wasn't there... YET!), pestered Michael as he worked on his projects... and then we ate food as we watched the rest of Dances With Wolves (which made me a little sad, actually). Michael went back to his work, and I went to a bit of Frances Burney reading, but I fell asleep on page two. Don't take me wrong, I don't usually feel sleepy when I'm reading, but the couch was so comfortable, and the weather so mild, that I couldn't help wandering into Dreamland way too early. It was 3:00ish p.m. when I woke up, and Michael was still working. He's excited about a computer game he is writing. I pestered him some more, and wondered whether I should work on my novel.

I wanted to write, but I had that nap-in-the-afternoon feeling, which I can only describe as feeling drowsy and sugar+caffeine deprived, and perhaps a little on the sad side too. Most people I met in my life love to take naps after lunch, but I actually feel quite bad after I wake up from napping. Michael and my mother are the only other people in the world who feel this same way. So, I made myself some coffee, and bragged about barely using the computer that day (if you know me, you'll recollect I'm a computer addict, you'll know I'm a girl who stays glued to the keyboard and monitor all day long), but right after I betrayed my words and borrowed Michael's laptop. He was using mine, so I had to use his – and it's another long paragraph to explain why such complicated arrangement.

Writing, however, didn't occur. This month, I'm working on the last few chapters of my book, and I'm getting to a point when I need to feel truly inspired to write down my thoughts. These past two days, my imagination seems to focus only on refining and brewing the story... in my head, not on paper. It's a little frustrating, yes. But it isn't writers' block (knock on wood!). I must confess, then, that instead of doing work, I decided to accept that Sunday for what it was, and proudly declared that it would be a shameless lazy Sunday. I spent the day catching up with America's Next Top Model – Cycle 17 and figuring out which girl would be my favorite: I've come to the decision, of course, that Allison Harvard shall win. Have you listened to her song? I've been playing Underwater over and over, tonight.

Allison has something I found very interesting when I started studying about creativity at Lawrence University. When you are creating something, I suppose it isn't enough to merely have good ideas or to think extraordinary thoughts. It also isn't enough to just have an intellectual / artsy / etc personality, or to be artistically gifted. For sure you need both aspects if you want to be remembered, if you want to be remarkable in your field of work, but I'm more and more certain that there's a third element that makes what we call “genius.” I must say it is passion. When an artist, or a scientist, or just someone working on a project on someone else's lazy Sunday, manages to (1) glue with strong emotions (2) great ideas to (3) personality, then the product for sure will be a masterpiece!

It's Monday, and life is back on track again, after my break last weekend. Tonight I am eating spaghetti, and thinking about how great it is to have friends to support you when you need them – or, rather, when your boyfriend needs their help desperately. Also, thinking about work, and old dreams, and this screaming wish to get my book finished, published, loved or hated. Thank you, everybody, once again! And try listening to Allison's song. Underwater, that's the name. You'll like it. It's the ugly-pretty that people in the fashion industry talk about so proudly.     

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