Friday, November 11, 2011

Little Rat

This is a series I created, by the way. My cousin's daughter, Anita, is a big inspiration.

Here I am posting on this blog again, as I said I would. I haven't been outside tonight, but told me this would be a clear night, and I believe it. never lies! And, as I take a break from writing, I can't help thinking that UW-Madison party people and their visitors will have a lovely Friday of walking down State Street, happily dragging themselves from bar to bar. I almost wish I could join them, but Michael promised me we would go on a date tomorrow. He wants us to enjoy time together, after we had to put up with a stressful week of his urgent school assignments and my unfruitful job hunting.

It is very quiet, and I think my neighbors went out. I sort of miss listening to the unintelligible noise of their TV and loud talking, and I miss talking with Michael, too. By now, he might be done with his test. But he said he would be hanging out with a childhood friend, and I'm here with Little Rat, who's been our friend-son-roommate for more than a year. I guess I've never said anything about Little Rat, so here's a good opportunity to make this post meaningful: He is, basically, a Christmas mouse plush toy. I can't remember when Michael gave him to me, but Little Rat has been a constant presence in our lives since he joined us. In fact, he went with us to Palo Alto last summer. He followed us to Las Vegas, too, when we spent a night at the Luxor hotel.

What makes him special is that when he is around it is impossibles to avoid being sassy. We call him Little Rat because he can't stand being called a mouse, and can be quite rude when upset, too. He's a fearless little thing that inspires us to step out of our comfort zone, which might entail pushing us to be up to no good at times. For instance, if you're caught being mischievous, in our world you'd be called a “little rat.” And, that said, if you're doing something mean or trying to playfully trick someone, we would point our your “little ratiness.” I know this might sound silly, but stop being a little rat and quit laughing at me!

Have a great Friday.

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