Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Welcome, Snow!

It is finally snowing in Madison, dear friends. I see many snow flakes falling from the sky and swirling around naked branches. I can't help wondering where the poor crows that so often cried during the morning went. I hope they don't get cold.

From my window, I can see that many rooftops are already white, covered in these tiny ice grains. I'm sure the ground soon will have a few inches of snow accumulation, too. I'm worried, because Michael and the other UW-Madison students are still used to desperately biking to class. Although I've never done it, I can imagine how slippery it must be to bike on wet streets.

Other than my general concerns about our routine from now on – now that winter finally has reached us – I am fine, and excited to see snow again. When it started to dance in front of our living room window, I greeted it and asked for protection. Snow will be a present friend for the next five months, and I asked it to envelope us with good news, the same way it embraces the whole town. It is silly, I know; but I suppose I am that strange.


Bruna D. Lobato said...

Rebecca, I love your posts! Please keep writing - even though I'm sure there's no need to ask you such a thing!

Rebecca Carvalho said...

Thank you, Bruna. I'll continue, yes. Stay warm, and writing, as well. :)