Monday, December 12, 2011

Land of Perpetual Night

Where’s the sun? With the sun setting every day around 4:30 p.m., I feel like I’m living in the land of perpetual night. Have you ever imagined what a world without sunlight would be like? It doesn’t need to be scientifically defined, though. It could be, in fact, a magical world where people live in constant darkness.

I believe candle makers would be the richest people, and candle wax would be the most sought out good in the black market. People with private stocks of candles would burn them in hidden rooms at home, carefully trying to conceal the delicate smell of candle burning inside. In this land where the sun doesn’t touch, people would be very melancholy, and a little grumpy too. Well, we can’t blame them -- feeling cold and constantly exposed to animals and other creatures of the night, indeed, turns the nicest person into the most easily annoyed one.

And they would try to compensate the lack of sunlight with clothing that sparkles even more than cabaret outfits. And “you’re my sunshine,” would certainly be the highest praise someone could hear.

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