Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let the YAs'11 Meet Again

One of the greatest things about going on exchange programs to other countries is the possibility of making lifelong friends. People bond easily when traveling, they rely on each other as if they were family. They, in fact, become family. That is the case with the Youth Ambassadors kids.

Every year, the U.S. Embassy sponsors a diplomatic trip to the U.S. to a group of Brazilian high school students interested in strengthening the foreign relations between the Americas. These kids, who come from all over Brazil, spend three weeks together, cooperating in discussions and activities to improve their understanding of their own and the American cultures. During these days together, they develop strong friendships and the certainty they can always count on each other.

Usually on April, the U.S. Embassy hosts a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to allow Youth Ambassadors of that year to meet again and share their new experiences and new endeavours since their return to Brazil. This year, unfortunately, the Youth Ambassadors 2011 didn’t have their reunion. They were the first group in the history of the Youth Ambassadors Program that couldn’t see one another again.

That -- and I am speaking as a former Youth Ambassador -- is the most frustrating thing. Youth Ambassadors come from humble backgrounds, and flying to other cities to meet their friends is absolutely out of question. Youth Ambassadors count the days til reunion, and are very anxious to be reunited once again. Although we understand the reasons why the U.S. Embassy, which is always so supportive of all of us, couldn’t sponsor their reunion, we’re not going to give their meeting up.

I mentioned the Lumix Panasonic contest before, but I am going to remind you once again, because today is the last day to vote for their photo. The Youth Ambassadors still need your vote to help them go on an all-expense-paid trip to Sao Paulo, sponsored and hosted by Panasonic and MTv. So, vote, vote, and vote. Here’s the link:

And, please, spread the news. There’s Twitter, Facebook, and so many other social networks where you could ask people to vote for the Youth Ambassadors 11’s photo. It means a lot, and you have no idea the good you’re doing.

Thanks! Happy Holidays!

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