Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Merry (Early) Christmas And Night Elves

Hi! It's December..! I always freak out when I notice that time is flying. I remember, though, that when I was a kid I used to love this time of the year. My uncles, aunts and cousins would visit us -- I lived with my grandparents, by the way -- and it was always fantastic to see everyone. I'm an only child, so getting to be with my cousins was one of the few opportunities I had as a child, other than hanging out with classmates, to socialize with other kids. Sadly, I haven't seen my family since 2008. I'm looking forward to moving back to Brazil next year, though!

Christmas this year will be early. In fact, it will be next week, since it was the only time available to get everyone together. I'll be staying at Michael's parents' house, and I'll get to meet his siblings. I wish my family got a chance to meet them, too. Michael, though, will meet my folks next year! Carvalho-land is very excited to welcome him to our Brazilianess.

Other than getting ready for Christmas and to move out, there isn't anything extraordinary going on in my life. I'm still getting rejections from literary agents, still writing my stories and publishing articles, and hoping to get a few projects done before 2011 ends. Next year is very promising, I must say, but let's just focus on doing our best in the present.

I'll leave you with some more flash fiction. This is for young children and adults young at heart. Merry (early) Christmas!


Night Elves
By Rebecca Carvalho 
Raphael didn't like when the night came and the moon shone bright behind thin clouds, because when everyone went to bed and the lights were off, and the neighbor's dogs were not barking anymore, Raphael's house went alive with all sorts of little scary noises that kept him paralyzed.

The night when this story starts, Raphael had a nightmare. He dreamed of little elves coming from the woods, sneaking into the house and singing: "We'll catch you soon!" He was almost asleep again when heard a thump in the living room. Raphael curled into a ball as he heard a lion roaring down the corridor. He felt more relieved when he realized it had been just his father snoring and occasionally mumbling in his sleep.

Raphael remembered what his parents had told him when he started learning how to ride his first bicycle:

"Braveness is when you face your fears even though you are scared."

He left his room, and walked to the living room. A little noise by his dad's armchair made Raphael jump back. He looked down, ready to scream, and a pair of bright green eyes stared back at him. He thought: The elves are ready to attack me!

Raphael rushed to turn the lights on. The living room was bright again, and Raphael searched for the source of his bad dreams. But then he laughed. The pair of green eyes were still there, but all this time it had just been the family's cat, its eyes reflecting the moonlight like little flashlights to help it see in the dark.

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