Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goodbye, February!

My pseudo-art. Rain, by Rebecca Carvalho. February 28, 2012.
It's raining in Madison. The weather channel promised a thunderstorm for later today, and I'm looking forward to hiding under my blankets with a book. For now, though, I thought I should publish a new blog entry. . . which is a good way to push down, and conceal a little, that last creative nonfiction one on crushes.

Unfortunately, you'll hate this new entry. There's nothing interesting going on at the moment. There's nothing different. Well, have I mentioned I'm writing a new book? Ah, I haven't! But I'll keep this one in a cloud of mist while I'm still working on it. I'm writing 1,700 words a day; if I keep this rhythm, in a month or two I'll have a novel-length YA story to tell you. If I keep going, I'll be able to compete again with the writers from that cupid's blog (yeah, that one I mentioned not too long ago) with a new book. My goal, God willing, is to get a literary agent before I go back to Brazil.

I hope you're doing well. There's so much going on with my friends. So many bad news, actually. February truly was a creepy month, but it's almost over. It would be over today. . . but, alas, this is a leap year. Let's pray that March will bring better news, good things to everyone. I wish you all the best.

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