Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little bit of Daphne. . . and Ben

I've decided to show you an excerpt from my latest novel, Daphne's Book. I was hoping you could get a sense of what the friendship between two of my main characters is like. Daphne and Ben are both shy and awkward around one another, though not just because of the attraction between them. Do you know someone from the time you were in kindergarten, and felt you could say something about that person, but the two of you never really talked. Now imagine having to interact with that person years later, when you both end up going to the same college. He / she is the only person around who knows you, but at the same time. . . not really. Well, that's the case between Daphne and Ben.

Here's a scene from when they're looking for Andre Molina, a boy who disappeared in the woods. I hope you'll enjoy it. Feel free to leave comments.


If it was an animal, it would have attacked us by now,Ben finally said.

A sudden, distant cry made them jump in fear. They held their breath and concentrated on listening, but there were no other noises.

The boy?Ben murmured and his suspicion was enough to get both of them running as fast as they could toward the source of the crying.

Daphne felt that her feet were very uncoordinated on that uneven ground. Although she expected to trip and fall on her face at any moment, she ran as fast as she could, paying attention to moonlight that went through the tree tops and lit the path here and there.

The terrain gradually became steep. At first, Daphne and Ben tried to go down on their own, but the ground was so muddy that Ben slipped and lost his balance. Daphne quickly grabbed his hand before he could have fallen and held onto a tree trunk to keep them firm.

Are you all right?She asked him.

Yeah, I am. Thanks,he said. Daphne, though, could feel that he was trembling, but forbore mentioning it.

Still holding hands, they continued running down the slope. Although Daphne was scared and anxious to find Andre, it wasn't her fear what kept her heart pounding. She felt strange holding a boy's hand.

The crying restarted and this time it was more audible. There were, also, splashing noises. A rush of adrenaline went through Daphne's body.

The boy is drowning!She shouted.

Feeling that every inch of her was ready to save the boy, Daphne ran faster than she had ever ran in her life, closely followed by Ben. They ran until they reached the border of a clearing in the woods, where a pearly lake could be seen reflecting the moon. She squinted her eyes to understand what was in the water, and was about to shout Andre's name when Ben released her hand and immediately covered her mouth.

Daphne instinctively struggled, all her nerves emitting alert signals and confused thoughts invading her mind. Daphne could not understand why Ben wouldn't let her go save Andre's life.

She grabbed his wrist and tried to pull his hand away from her face, but Ben proved to be stronger than her. In an aggressive attempt to release herself, she tried kicking him, but he pulled her closer to him and whisperedit's not the boy.His words made her stop struggling, and he finally let go of her.

I'm really sorry,he whispered in a mortified manner.ListenIt's not the boy. Look over there. They are swimming.

She took a few steps forward and stood behind a tree. What had sounded like crying noises was, in reality, laughter. Daphne noticed two figures swimming in the lake side by side. She could hardly understand their silhouettes, but she was certain those were a man and a woman. Their bodies glistened in the moonlight and made them look like mythological figures, water elementals celebrating the full moon and enchanting Daphne's eyes. They laughed in their embrace, and their laughter offended her.

Daphne's face and neck burned with shame. Feeling increasingly disgusted, she abruptly stepped back, accidentally bumping into Ben. That unexpected physical contact made Daphne push him away, repulsed. She could not see him well, but the faint moon glow was enough to let her notice that his expression was very surprised.


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