Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yesterday, I was talking with two people on Twitter about those "what I think I do, how my friends see me, etc" sort of posters. We're eager to see writer and literary agent themed ones. Strangely, there's practically nothing out there on the topic. If you've come across anything like that, please let me know.

This post, however, isn't about those posters. I didn't know the people I was talking with, so out of curiosity I checked out one of their blogs. One of them is an agent, and the other is an author. The author's blog had an interesting suggestion for writers who are going through the querying process: organize your list of lit. agents with I signed up for free, and in a few minutes was able to (1) search the names of all agencies I had already contacted, (2) write down whether my attempt had been successful or not, (3) read comments from other writers who had also contacted the same agents.

I know now, for instance, that I've contacted 21 agencies and already got 9 negative responses. Although those are disheartening numbers, I feel like it's way better than just feeling like all you get are rejections. I also can literally see I have many unanswered queries, which leaves space to daydreaming, more wishing and an attempt at soothing my poor nerves.

So, if you're querying, sign up at!

Have a great Thursday, bonitos.

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