Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today was a day to. . .

Purple Dress, by Rebecca Carvalho.

Today was a day to comfortably wear a dress. It was a day to celebrate it's spring, even though it isn't. It was a day to watch people jogging outside, and think I could be doing that. . . if I liked to exercise. And a day to see that the lake's surface was shining in sunlight, no longer icy.

It was a day to eat a fish sandwich. A day to eat pie, even though Pi Day was yesterday. It was a day to wear thick winter socks only to be eccentric, and a day to wear a bright, Brazilian shirt to show some patriotism. . . to myself, and feel nostalgic. Yes, nostalgic. Missing snow, missing Madison, missing Wisconsin, missing the United States, missing this part of the globe that's been teaching me so many great lessons, this hemisphere that has been teaching me so much about myself.

I'll be in Brazil in a few months, and I'll miss you

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