Saturday, June 30, 2012

We're in Brazil!

Michael and I meeting with Mom at the airport in Recife


I'm sorry it's been forever since my last blog entry, but our moving to Brazil kept me from my normal writing routine. This is just a quick entry to let you know that we're in Brazil, still exploring and doing touristy things (although we're currently in my hometown, even I feel like a tourist), trying to recover from our previous traveling (we spent a few days in NYC), getting some annoying paperwork done, and getting ready to move to our new place soon.

I intend to write more detailed entries, but I just wanted to tell you that it feels strange being back here. Strange in a good and bad way. It's amazing to see my family and friends again, I just don't like the "I'm trying to adapt" feeling that I get now and then. It's a bit ridiculous, isn't it, that I feel like I'm adapting again to something I grew up surrounded by and only left behind for a few years? And, seriously, it's not like I forgot home. I didn't. The only problem is that things changed. My Recife today isn't the same I left four years ago. So, now I feel like I'm here. . . and at the same time I'm not. It's a new Recife.

Well, we only have a few days left here before we move to Porto Alegre, where I've never been, and I'm really excited to see my friend Airton, who's going to be our flatmate. He's a Youth Ambassador as well, one of my best friends, and it's been five years or so since we last saw each other in person. His family is preparing a gaucho barbecue to welcome us, and Michael and I are SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

I'll soon keep you updated on how things are, what we've seen so far, and how well we're adapting. And, of course, I'll show you some photos. Michael is taking tons of them! :)

Best of luck to you and to us!

-- Becca

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