Sunday, October 28, 2012

Michael & Chimarrão

A man drinking chimarrão.
There's a book fair going on in Porto Alegre this week, and many publishing houses got booths dotting the historic district, just a few blocks away from where we live. The book fair also is an opportunity for showing some gaucho pride, and here and there we find people selling flags, traditional clothing, and other objects that a true gaucho (or somebody visiting Porto Alegre) must have.

Michael, who already likes chimarrão (a strong mate drink), finally got the proper apparatus for a perfect chimarrão drinking experience. He bought a calabash gourd (cuia) and the metal straw (bomba) they use to drink chimarrão.

I'm not sure, but chimarrão probably has caffeine, which makes him happy. I tried it for the first time when I was a kid, on vacation in Curitiba, and didn't like it. If I remember correctly, I thought it was too hot and too bitter (I'm the sort of person who adds a lot of sugar to my coffee, so...). The memory still lingers, and I haven't built up courage to try it again. Maybe, if I try it now, I'll like it. We'll see.    

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