Saturday, March 30, 2013

An entry! Finally!

You know what I realized today? I hadn't posted a thing since last year!

I don't know if you know this, but I'm a contributor at the blog YA Stands. I blog every other Thursday about young adult literature and writing in general. This gives me the impression I'm always blogging. That's probably why I'm neglecting my own blog. Please, don't be mad at me. I swear I still care for you.

Truth is, though, there's nothing particularly interesting going on in my life these days, and I didn't want to bore you to death with my entries. Hubs and I have been focused working on our things, hanging out, and not going on as many adventures as we probably should.

Well, we did go to Rio a few weeks ago, and went all the way up a mountain to greet the statue of Christ, The Redeemer.

We stayed in a hostel just for a weekend, and it was very hot back then. It's unbelievable how hot Rio was. But, we had fun. There was this American couple there on their honeymoon. The guy is a retired pilot, and he kept telling us about his trips to Brazil (and to other places around the world). Seriously, he knows Brazil better than I do. It made me feel a bit lame. But, it encouraged me to get to know other facets of my own culture.

THAT was something different we did.

But, since then we've mostly been sticking with our routine. Hubs' been busy programming, and I've been busy writing.

Well, my birthday is coming up. Can you believe I'm turning twenty-five? I feel old. Hubs laughs at me when I say I'm ancient, especially because he thinks I look way too young for my age (most people do think, in fact, that I'm no more than fifteen and treat me accordingly). So, who knows, we'll travel or do something fun to celebrate it. I'll have more interesting things to tell you by then.

For now, we'll keep living like Bilbo before Gandalf left a mark on his door.

Best wishes!
Happy Easter!

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