Saturday, July 13, 2013

An embarrassing 'I'm a Harry Potter fan' moment

You know what's really mean? I'll tell you: misleading a Harry Potter fan into thinking that it is confirmed Jo Rowling is writing an eighth Harry Potter book is really, really mean.

Tonight, I almost died when a friend posted on Facebook an article that confirmed an eighth HP is coming soon. I gasped, and let out a loud "oh my God!" that startled hubs in the other room. He kept asking me what was the matter, which took me forever to reply, as I was rushing from article to article trying to find confirmation from Jo herself that one of my dreams was going to come true.

Now, think about it... a new Harry Potter book!!!

The article mentioned that the book wouldn't be about Harry, but it would follow the next generation. There was some talk that while Hermione and Draco hated each other at Hogwarts, the same wasn't going to apply to Rosie Weasley (Hermione's daughter) and Scorpius Malfoy (Draco's son). Wouldn't that be perfect? Well, now you know why I almost died.

But, it was a lie. That is, I can't tell you the news source was coming up with fake news, but this one is fake. In all honesty, I think they probably took the information from another website, which took it from another, and another, and another website... We know how many rumors about the continuation of the Harry Potter series are born every day.

This time, however, it felt true for a second. They even said Jo had given an interview to a major newspaper confirming she was working on a new Potter book and that she couldn't stay away from the computer for more than ten minutes. Now, everybody started looking up the original interview, and found nothing. The journalist who wrote this article had to add a red note at the bottom of the article admitting she couldn't find the source of the news.

That left me a little sad.

Those books... I really loved those books. I still do, in fact. I love reading, but I'm afraid to say that since Harry Potter I still couldn't find a book I had a real, emotional connection with. There were many good books I'd recommend, but probably wouldn't read a second time, if you know what I mean.

People, stop spreading lies about things people love. It's not funny. And, if you truly believe these news are true, double check your sources. It's like saying Ryan Gosling wants to meet me for sure next month, when he actually doesn't know I exist (mental note: I must write a character inspired by Ryan Gosling).

The whole thing about a new Harry Potter book left me thinking about the series, and how I embarrassed myself once (or twice) because of it. And, you know what, I don't regret it. I thought I should share this story with you:

I was an international student at Lawrence University, and one great thing LU does when you're either an international or an exchange student (yes, there's a difference, but I'll explain it another time) is it brings you before (almost) everyone else arrives on campus. So, we basically have welcome week twice. The first one is just with the foreign crowd trying to adjust to living in a foreign country, and the second is the foreigners plus all the freshmen, this time focused on adjusting to living on campus. I think that's pretty great for a few reasons, one of them because being jet lagged together helps people bond quickly. Seriously. Some of my best friends are international students, awesome people I met when we all were a little grumpy, confused, queasy, tired and homesick.

On the night before the American kids arrived on campus, we had a party. I remember I was sitting by the food (obviously!) at some point during the party, when a girl appeared out of nowhere next to me. I quickly noticed I had not seen her before, and she confirmed my thoughts by saying, "I just arrived from the airport!" She sounded strangely breathless, and I imagined her jogging all the way from the airport to our party, hauling her luggage behind her, her boots clicking on the asphalt.

Someone nearby overheard her, and asked her in an excited tone, "oh, where are you from?" That, my friends, was the number one question during those days.

"Bulgaria," she said with pride, a huge smile, glistening eyes.

The word brought tears to my eyes, too, although not for the same reason. I'd never met anyone from Bulgaria until then, but Bulgaria had a special place in my heart. 

"Bulgaria?" the girl talking with her looked confused. I guess she'd never heard of Bulgaria.

You probably know what happened next... I said, "Victor Krum!"

There were question marks all over their faces. I knew then and there I'd embarrassed myself. I had to explain what I said, though. "You know... Victor Krum? He's from Bulgaria. Um... Harry Potter."

"Ah," they said, and were gone the next minute. I don't think the Bulgarian girl ever talked with me again. Oh well.

That's it for now. That was my embarrassing Harry Potter story. But, like I said before, I don't mind it. So, do you have an embarrassing Potter moment, too?

Have a great weekend!
-- Becca

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Camila Pimentel said...

Becca, acabei de ler! Quando eu li Bulgária, pensei exatamente a mesma coisa, e eu teria falado a mesma coisa também hehehe HP fangirl FOREVER.
E também completamente de acordo com o primeiro parágrafo - acho crueldade dar esse tipo de esperança pra nós :(
Acho que você definiu perfeitamente - nenhum livro desde então me deu essa conexão emocional e o amor praticamente fanático que HP inspirou.