Thursday, April 17, 2014

My life these days

Hi guys!

I realized it's been a while since I last blogged, so I figured I should try writing something down. Truth is, not much is going on in my life--nothing exciting, at least. Anyway, this is what my life is like now:

1) I'm 26 now. My birthday was two days ago (April 15th), and I must admit I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. It feels weird getting old, especially when I still feel like I've accomplished so little. Still, we celebrated the date. 

We got up late and went downtown. The bus was packed. 

I never eat McDonald's burgers in Brazil, because Michael says it's gross, and because it's expensive, but that's where we went for brunch. It was a nice treat. Interestingly, someone threw up in their ladies' bathroom. . . 

Anyway, we were planning on taking the ferry and crossing the bay, but it was getting late. We headed, then, to our favorite candy store (the one near the seaport), and bought lots of chocolate. 

It was about 6:00 PM when we got home. 

At 7:30 PM we went to our favorite pizza buffet. I ate so much I thought I was going to get sick. But, it was worth it. Their chocolate pizza is the best. 

In general, it was a good birthday. It involved eating lots of food, and you can't go wrong with that.

2) Revisions. I'm drowning in revisions. And it's my fault. 

COUNTDOWN is a YA thriller that's been in my head for almost two years now. When I first had the idea, I was working on a different story, so I couldn't write it. Then, when I was finally done with that story, I tried writing COUNTDOWN, but I didn't feel mature enough to write it. It is a very claustrophobic story, the characters go through a lot, and I just couldn't connect with it entirely. 

I don't know why, but suddenly around October (2013) I felt ready and began writing it. Last month, I finished the first draft. The story was difficult, but very rewarding. 

When I began revisions, though, I realized that the way I narrated the story felt wrong. It was in the first person, present tense, and it felt shallow. Very shallow, in fact, like walking on a puddle. The story just wasn't there yet. 

I tried rewriting some of my favorite scenes in third person, past tense, and out of a sudden the world opened up before my eyes, and the story looked more like what I first envisioned. That's what I've been doing these days, then. Rewriting everything so it's now third person, past, and editing as I go. I think it's way better now, but I have many sad days when I wish I could just be done with it and start querying.

3) I'm reading like a pro. Not really. I am trying to read like a pro

My reading challenge this year is to read 100 books, but so far I've only read three. That's a really sad number, I know. 

I'm currently reading three books, trying to catch up with my reading, but I have this terrible affliction that makes me crave writing when I'm reading, and crave reading when I'm writing. It's distracting, and I don't know what to do. 

I doubt I'll get to read all those 100 books, but a girl can dream. . .

Now, how are you doing? Leave a comment. Don't be shy. :)

Lots of love,
-- Becca

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