Wednesday, February 04, 2015

What I'm currently querying: COUNTDOWN (YA Thriller)

Genre: YA Thriller
Word count: 73,000 words
Status: Currently querying. (If you're an agent / publisher, and if you're interested in COUNTDOWN, feel free to leave a comment or contact me at Out on subs! 

The Breakfast Club + The Truman Show = A teen decides who dies each day. She's the only one who doesn't know she's on TV. #YA

Life for seventeen-year-old Jo Smith is a countdown. Her parents’ divorce--five. Her best friend became an enemy--four. Her father was stabbed to death--three. Her mother’s attempted suicide--two. Her boyfriend cheating on her--one. All she needed was to hit zero for this ticking bomb to explode and shatter her world.


Masked men kidnap her on the first day of school and Jo wakes up in a fully furnished room, locked up with four other teens: a football player from Texas, a pacifist from California, a claustrophobe from New York, and a religious guy from North Carolina. The only clue to what’s going on is a message directly for her: every time the timer in the room counts down to 0:00, she must choose someone to die, or the kidnappers will kill her mom. And if the other four in the room find out that killing her is the key to ending the game, Jo loses everything.

Jo needs to decide if she's going to become a murderer to save her already broken family, or risk trusting allies who could kill her in her sleep. The kidnappers are watching. The whole world is watching. Jo is the only one who doesn't know she's trapped in COUNTDOWN, a reality TV show.

COUNTDOWN is a 73,000-word YA thriller that will appeal to fans of The Truman Show.


Steven Rose Jr. said...

Very interesting concept and neat plot! Makes me cringe from . . . uh, . . . reality TV even more. (As you can see I even cringe from saying the word! lol)

Rebecca Carvalho said...

Thank you, Steven! :)